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The Somatic
Therapy Session

Duration and comfort

Each session lasts 60 minutes and can occur in a seated position or lying down on a soft massage table. Please wear comfortable clothing, as you will remain fully clothed throughout the session.

Physical touch will only occur as you feel comfortable and will end immediately as you direct. You are in complete control of how the session proceeds.

The Somatic process

During a Somatic Therapy/Transformative Touch session, you are offered an invitation to listen to your body and articulate what is happening in your awareness. Through very gentle touch and movement, you begin to explore the sensations present in different parts of your body. These sensations may be related to emotions or thoughts that are present for you. With gentle guidance, you are encouraged to put this inner world into words.


Throughout the session, a feeling of safety and deep respect for you and your process is nurtured. Most clients experience a deep state of mindful connection with themselves during these sessions that allows them to dive deeply into the areas that need exploring, healing, or celebrating at that moment.

Tuning in to the body

In a Somatic session, you will go inward and tune into your body, including exploring the stories, beliefs, and feelings that can make you feel stuck, unhappy, and overwhelmed.

As you slow down and tune in, the part of you that is already well, whole, and wise emerges. Whatever your state, your body knows just how to inform you to move into greater healing.

Breathwork, energy attunements, sound therapy,

and deeper meditative states can be useful to facilitate progress and may be used in session work. 

Todd will work together with you to continually ground the energy and language of the session in the body and only go as far and as fast as your safety will allow.

Genuine support

As your ally and witness to your Somatic work, Todd may suggest connections, invite dialogue, or ask inquiry questions to assist you to go deeper. Trust between therapist and client is paramount and you are encouraged to give feedback throughout the session to ensure you feel comfortable, supported, and safe. The session concludes with a reflective dialogue to help integrate your insights from the session into your daily life.

Meditating in Mountains

With systematic integration, new ways of being and moving in life become possible. Through Transformative Touch, you develop the ability to become authentically Self-embodied.

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Remote sessions

During the onset of the Covid pandemic, Todd discovered that somatic sessions are as powerfully effective when carried out remotely as those conducted in person. The intuitive listening he uses for in-person clients is equally available in remote sessions. Guiding clients to feel his etheric touch during a remote session allows clients’ nervous systems to respond as if Todd is with them in person.


Remote sessions do not involve physical touch but utilize the same dynamic Somatic process, inviting you to greater healing and embodiment of Love and Light.

In the Somatic Therapy session,

a dance of healing occurs
that generally follows the steps

of awareness, acknowledgment, acceptance, and embodiment of Self.

Learn to listen to
your body's innate wisdom and your personal inner guidance system.

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