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Connect to your inner wisdom
and become the healer of your own life.

Todd's Healing Philosophy

All beings have at their core an authentic essence, the Self. The more we can become aware of and embody that Self, the more we live a vibrant life full of agency, joy, love, and purpose. Healing occurs naturally as stuck or low vibrational emotions, thoughts, and behaviors are gently looked at, acknowledged, and given the invitation and opportunity to transform.

Kind and safe touch through words and hands is medicine for the nervous system: it soothes and comforts. When gentle touch is combined with mindful awareness, we begin to befriend our body’s intelligence and knowingness. Somatic Therapy allows access to the core of an issue or problem very quickly. We discover we can count on the body, as it will always tell us its truth when we learn to listen to it.

Why Somatic Therapy

Three decades of research in the fields of neurobiology, psychoneuroimmunology, and other medical fields has demonstrated the connection between the mind and body. Brain science and the advent of imaging technology have made it clear just how embodied the mind is.


The mind exists throughout the entire body. Our body is where our emotions live, where our thoughts occur, where our soul dwells, and where our wisdom abides. As we learn how to listen to it, we befriend our body and learn what it wants to teach us.

Uncovering the True Self

Todd’s goal is to help people heal and become their truest selves, enabling them to live with more comfort, ease, and freedom. Through Transformative Touch, he helps clients learn to trust their bodies as a wise resource, ally, and guide. Our body has been our companion through all our life’s events. It knows in its muscles, its nerve fibers – in its very cells – its unique life story as well as the very thing it needs for us to heal.  

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Somatic Therapy is a powerful modality for such holistic healing and for embodying greater levels of Light and Love, our divine birthright.


The embodied joy, love, and serenity attainable through Transformative Touch are infinite.

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Principles of Healing
Transformative Touch

  • Mindful touch brings you home to yourself

  • In each of us is an eternal place of
    wholeness, of healing, of authentic essence

  • Fear, loss, and stress restrict movement

  • Restoration of movement to the body
    facilitates healing

  • Unexamined and unexpressed emotions
    directly impact our quality of life

  • Subconscious belief patterns can be accessed through the body

  • Acknowledgment, expression, and acceptance
    of feelings helps restore the body to

  • What is happening in your body is connected
    to what is happening in your life

  • Feeling safe, feeling connection, and feeling

  • seen are the precursor to transformation

  • Intentions for healing open the doors to

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